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Vision Source® Collaborates
With Future In Sight

Future In Sight

Vision Source optometrists in northern New England perform more than 135,000 comprehensive eye exams each year. Many of these patients have low vision that cannot be improved with standard spectacles or contact lenses, and the incidence of significant ocular disease resulting in permanent vision loss is on the rise due to the aging population. Recognizing their mission to enrich lives through eye and vision care, the Vision Source doctors in Northern New England have begun a collaborative effort with Future In Sight.

Headquartered at the McGreal Sight Center in Concord, Future In Sight works to advance the independence of those who are blind and visually impaired. Future In Sight provides patients of all ages with a full range of low-cost or free services to help improve the patients’ quality of life, from vision aids to occupational therapy and social workers. It is the only private, nonprofit provider of statewide, comprehensive direct vision rehabilitation, education services, and assistive technology throughout the state of New Hampshire. These services can also be delivered to rural New Hampshire patients in their own homes.

For their part, Vision Source members in the Northern New England will help educate eligible patients about the services that are available to them and to streamline the referral process. For more information, please visit